Ed Reno Magician

  (Edward Munn Burdick)

1861 -1949

Born in Baldwinsville, New York

Died in Kankakee, Illinois


“Reno the Great”

“Professor Reno”


It’s said that Edward Munn Burdick started in the entertainment business at the age of 12 as a drum beater to attract a crowd to a magic show put on by Professor Collier under a tent at a county fair near Baldwinsville, NY.  That sparked his interest in magic, which became his life long profession.  He took the stage name of Reno early, but maintained the family name of Burdick until the death of his first wife, Emma, in 1927.  During the years, he was billed with many names, some of which were “Professor Reno,” “Reno the Illusionist,” Reno the Great,” and “The Grand Old Man of Magic.”

We have tried to organize the links below into important years in the life’s of Ed and Emma Burdick (Reno).

Emma, her young years 1867 -1886 does the same on her ancestors and young life until marrying Ed.

Ed and Emma. 1886 – 1927, documents their life together as magicians up until Emma’s’ death in 1927, and has many pictures and newspaper articles.

The children of Ed and Emma gives brief bio’s on the children and their children.

Ed and second wife Minnie, gives what little we know about their life together.

Interested in magic? has links to other web sites that have information on magic during the golden age of magic.


We would also like to communicate with anyone also interested in Ed, especially our long lost cousins.  Ed and Emma had four children, and when Ed remarried after Emma’s death, Minnie also had six girls of her own.  So we may have many relatives out there that we are unaware of at this time.   

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